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Puzzling and Cycling

A puzzle holiday in Limburg (BE)

A brand new concept of puzzling combined with a day out in the sun. Enjoy a full day outdoor escape room experience, delicious food and a marvellous biking route. All in one!

You leave from and arrive back in Maasmechelen.

Not an ordinary bike ride

What can you expect

It's certain you won't get bored. Count on about eight hours (or more) of entertainment, including cycling for 30km, sailing a boat, eating delicious food and ending the day at a bar.

87 €

Own bike

  • Price per person
  • Supper included
  • Lunch included
  • Own bicycle (or other means of transport)
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101 €


  • Price per person
  • Supper included
  • Lunch included
  • Rental bike included
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112 €

All-in Electric

  • Price per person
  • Supper included
  • Lunch included
  • Electric rental bike included
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Choose what suits you best

With a day packed with puzzling fun at five different partner locations with two delicious meals included (and drinks of course), you don't have to worry about a thing outside of the puzzles and challenges.

Do you want to rent your bicycles? No problem!

This was 2021...

Come and Puzzle


They already did it

We had the privilege to test the first edition of Insane Game. We got exactly what we expected: challenging puzzles, creative assignments, very tasty food and simply a fantastic day out with friends.

Maarten Van Loon

Maarten Van Loon

We are fanatic escape room players with more than 100 rooms on our record. Yet, in the first edition of Insane Game we were confronted with nothing but original puzzles, creative assignments and fantastic brain teasers, which we were also able to solve under the warm summer sun in the nicest places.

Ilona Bex

Maarten Van Loon

We just want to say that we really appreciated what was presented to us the day of our Insane Game. The creativity and intelligence behind this organization is evident in every detail of the day.

Top locations, solid catering and puzzle assignments to impress.


Gert Gielis

Maarten Van Loon
So much more than just an outdoor escape room

Contact Info

Reachable every day from 9:30 to 22:30

Klauwierstraat 2, 3970 Leopoldsburg

Call us at +32 11 36 87 51

Mail us at info@insanegame.be