The Game

What happens on Insane Game day?

Insane Game is a crazy puzzle adventure. You cycle with your team along five locations where you can always expect a puzzle or assignment in true escape room style. The departure and end point is in Maasmechelen.

In total you will travel by bicycle about 30 kilometres between the locations . Each puzzle or assignment is designed in such a way that an average team can complete it in approximately one hour. Add some time to enjoy a tasty meal. In total you have about eight hours of sweet entertainment on the booked day.

Note: it is not a race. You make it or you don't, the time it takes doesn't matter. You can play every day between 1st July and 18th September 2022.

Do you prefer to spread the game over two days or make it a weekend? Be our guest, but please let us know in advance. Then we can easily support you in this.

Oh yeah. You probably will need fresh an spare pair of shoes or flip flops. Someone on your team who can row well also comes in handy...

  • All planned locations are open to the public
  • You don't necessarily have to cycle, every location is also accessible by scooter or car
  • The hot meal in the evening can be with vegetarian or with meat
  • Both meals include a drink of your choice, but be sure to bring enough water with you on the journey!
And are there actually any rules?


But not so many.

Think of the players who come after you: At various times during the game you will open a chest, hatch, box, locker or something else. In it you will always find papers or an object that you need later in the game and can therefore take with you. Only take one copy with you at a time.

Be Gallant: We try to avoid it, but it is possible that you might run into another team working on the same puzzle around the same time. It is not a competition, so make some agreements about this: ignore each other, work together or just wait until the other group has left for the next location.

Leave no trash or other traces: We've made great partnerships with public and private locations for Insane Game. You probably understand that we like to remain friends with everyone.

Safety First: Most of Insane Game is played on public domain where traffic and other safety rules apply. Of course you always respect this. You might do some crazy things for the game, but you shouldn't break the law anywhere at all.

Want to play?